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Secure newsletter software

Hundreds of missionaries from dozens of mission organisations rely on Stello to stay in touch with their supporters, without compromising their privacy.

Paper Bible

Tool for printing Scripture

Print any portion of Scripture, either at home or professionally, in any language, with many options for customising the content and appearance.


Bible translations platform

A software platform that provides access to every free Bible translation in the world, so they can be integrated into other apps.

Track Bible

Bible reading app

A simple app for encouraging believers to read all of Scripture, by ticking off chapters individually as they are read.

Other Projects

Non-app initiatives that contribute to our overall goal of making Christ known throughout all nations.

Let's copy, church

Advocacy for free giving

Provides information on the importance of freeing ministry resources from copyright, and instructions on how to do so.

Understanding Scripture

Trainings in exegesis and theology

A set of courses for training groups how to faithfully interpret Scripture, that is free to customise and translate.

Hear about new apps

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