nv python3.6            
            from pathlib            
            import Pathc            
            ode = Path('            
ead_text() code = ' '.join(code.spli
t()) def char_generator(): i = 0 whi
le True: yield code[i] i += 1 if i =
= len(code): i = 0 char_generator_in
st = char_generator() scale = 6 defg
en_line(solid_num): padding = (6 * s
            cale - solid            
            _num) // 2 l            
            ine = ' ' *p            
            adding for i            
            in range(sol            
            id_num): nex            
            t_char = nex            
            ator_inst) w            
            hile (i == 0            
            or i == soli            
            d_num - 1) a            
            nd next_char            
            == ' ': next            
            _char = next            


Christian apps that are...


High quality




We make apps to make Christ known, to help reach all nations with the Gospel

High quality

Apps that are easy to use, reliable, elegant, and exceed commercial standards


Your data usually won't leave your device, and any transfers are encrypted


No cost, no ads, no signup, no tracking, no catches, open source

More details

Apps for sharing the Gospel

Stories of truth

An app for making the Bible easily accessible to all, by presenting its stories in every language. Unlike other Bible story apps, this one has different story sets per language so that sets can be customised to target different cultures.

A new version will be created to allow users to create their own sets.

View Prototype

The Bible in video

Some high quality videos, like the LUMO project, have already been made that narrate passages using official Bible translations.

This app will allow you to download a video for a specific passage, with audio and/or subtitles in the languages you choose.



An app for easily discovering what Christian resources are available for a particular language.

Including Bible translations, Gospel presentations, videos, and other scripture-based resources.

Apps for assisting disciplers


MailOwl sends bulk mail with an emphasis on simplicity and security.

Unlike plain email or MailChimp, MailOwl can also send via messaging apps like WhatsApp or Messenger. Messages are encrypted and expire, making it ideal for missionaries in sensitive countries.

View Demo


This app is for keeping track of the people you are discipling, whether they be your church, small group, youth group, or simply your friends.

You can record prayer points, get reminders when you haven't followed them up in a while, and also graph your groups' spiritual growth.


Language Assistant

Keep track of your progress in a new language, manage your library of recordings, and get timely tips on how to improve.

Language learning manuals can be lengthy and hard to remember, but this app would take the best parts and remind you of them just when you need them.

Get involved

Get our news

Keep updated on how our apps are progressing, be notified of new releases, and know how to pray for us.

Expect around 4 messages a year.



Our apps are free thanks to our generous supporters. However, we are currently under-financed, which is unfortunately slowing down our work. If you would like to help, please let us know.

Enquire about finance


All our software is open source, and we welcome anyone who would like to contribute code or learn how to. You can submit issues and pull requests, or simply ask us how you can help.

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More Details

Our beliefs

We believe the only way people are saved is by God's grace through faith in Christ, and that the Bible is our ultimate authority on knowing God's will. If you need to know more, feel free to contact us.

Data we may keep

We may keep server logs that contain your IP address etc, to measure traffic and debug issues, but we won't use these (or cookies) to track you for marketing purposes.

Our apps will only store your data on our servers if they can't function without it, and we try to avoid this for your privacy and security.

Accounts you may need to create

We try to avoid making you sign up for anything. So creating an account will only be necessary if an app can't function without one.

Fees you may need to pay

We don't charge any fees ourselves and earn nothing from you using our apps. Some of our apps may require a third-party to function though, and they may charge you.

No guarantees

We offer no legal guarantees on the operation of any of our software, simply because the legal burden would be too great. No software is completely secure and usually have bugs every now and then. You can however view the source code for any of our apps, and make your own judgement on their quality.