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Gracious Tech Pty Ltd is a registered non-profit company in Australia.

ACN: 645939591
ABN: 82645939591


We are a small company, with one developer and some board members. Some of our members work in sensitive ministries and do not wish to be identified.

However, we are also strongly convicted that ministries should have an appropriate level of transparency. As a small company with a low budget, we currently fulfil this in the following ways:

  • We hold all members accountable to Scripture’s standards for Christian leaders
  • All our apps are open source with complete transparency for what we produce
  • We never charge for our apps and are entirely funded through donations
  • Basic finance figures are reported each year


Our developers receive support from both the company and external sources. The company provides a stipend when support is required and available. All figures are in AUD.

YearRevenueExpensesAssetsLargest stipend